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Safety directory related websites on different safety topics.   

A personal breathalyzer gives you the ability to quickly and easily administer an alcohol test to estimate the concentration of alcohol in your blood. Avoid drinking and driving.

Driveway Alarm Products   

We offer wired & wireless driveway alarms, alerts, sensors, monitors, systems for detecting motion and providing a security alert or chime.

Emergency Kits   

Off The Grid Ready has the emergency survival kits, long term survival food and emergency preparedness supplies you'll need when off the grid to take care of your family and loved ones.


We offer secure offsite records storage and protection. This is a great way for information management. Columbus OH

First Aid Cabinets   

Shop a wide selection of fully stocked first aid cabinets for homes, vehicles and offices.

Kaufman Company   

We're a full-line industrial supply company specializing in industrial safety supplies, industrial safety eye wear, work gloves and much more!   

Provides the best in child and baby safe and child proofing / safety products. Kidz will publish relevant and useful information to this site on an ongoing basis.

My Safety Packs   

Offers dependable emergency survival kits and free emergency planning tips. Choose from one or two person or emergency kits for travel, school, office and pets.

New Day Tornado Shelters   

Above ground tornado shelters designed to keep your small family safe in the event of a tornado. Affordable and onstalled in hours.

Personal Protection - Zap the Bad   

Our website offers a wide range of products to include stun guns, pepper spray, alarms, and self defense training videos.

Self Defense Supplies   

We offer self defense supplies and home protection supplies to the public at wholesale cost. No minimum order required.

Spray Foam Gear   

We provide spray foam applicators with the disposable coveralls, gloves, tools, parts, accessories and supplies you need to run your business.

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